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  • Rachel Doran

New Year, New Pet

Every year, about a week after Christmas, millions of Americans start contemplating ways to make their lives better in the coming year. Goals are made to improve aspects ourselves; so why shouldn't our pets get to join in on the personal development? Pet New Year's resolutions are a new concept but very popular with pet owners.

Here are 5 inspiring and beautiful New Year's pet resolutions to kick off the new decade.

Pet New Year's Resolution

Pet New Year's Resolution: Up the Physical Activity

This resolution is a common one among us humans as well. Just like us, our pets reap the benefits of regular physical activity. Pets who spend a large portion of their days indoors have a tendency to become overweight.

Most of our cats aren’t hunting their meals, and our dogs aren’t herding sheep as their bodies intended. If left to their own devices, many pets would spend their days lounging on the couch in deep relaxation - much like we would on our day off.

The problem is, for pets, every day is a day off. If you’re a dog parent, consider setting a goal to walk your dog for 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Cat parents can commit to playing with their felines 15 minutes a day with feather toys or other chase-inducing accessories.

You can even set a more vague resolution to just add more physical activity every day. The goal here is to commit to getting more movement in the lives of your pets to potentially stave off obesity, heart disease, arthritis, and other common pet ailments.

Pet New Year's Resolution

Pet New Year's Resolution: Get Serious About Grooming

Another great pet resolution is to get serious about their appearance and hygiene. It’s common for pets to go too long between nail clippings, hair cuts, baths, and other grooming needs. This is unintentional most of the time as pet parents just forget some of the required grooming needs until they become obvious.

Consider setting a goal to either regularly groom your pet yourself or schedule an appointment with the groomer. This is beneficial for more than vanity reasons. Many grooming needs contribute to overall health; such as teeth and gum brushing and nail trimming.

Pet New Year's Resolution: Update Your Pet IDs

This goal is great because it doesn’t require you to remember it all year. Make a goal with yourself to get your pet’s ID tags updated. This can also be a good time to ensure they are up to date on their vaccines.

And it may also be a good time to consider microchipping your pet. The microchipping process is very quick and affordable.

Taking a little bit of time to ensure these items are in order can save you the concern all year long.

Pet New Year's Resolution: Change of Diet

Diets are important. This is true for us and our furry friends. As we age, our needs change. If you haven’t changed your pet’s food in a while, it may be time to consider your alternatives.

There are several amazing pet food brands and varieties on the market. Specialized diets are available at most grocery stores now. Consult with your vet and see if the diet your pet is on is the most compatible with their unique needs.

Note: Do not abruptly change your pet’s food without consulting your vet. Dietary upset can occur.

Pet New Year's Resolution: Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the process of focusing on something that is happening to you or captivating your attention at any given moment. There has been a lot of buzz about mindfulness lately and its benefits to us humans.

It is logical to assume that the same would be true of our pets. When your dog pauses at a patch of grass for an extended sniff, allow them to take their time. Set the goal this year to not rush your pet. Let them live in the moment more often, and you may even see their stress levels decrease.

Pet New Year's Resolution: The Goals Don’t Have to Stop Here

These are only a few options you can choose from when setting New Year’s resolutions for your pets this year. Each and every one of these ideas are customizable in countless ways. Use them as your own inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

If we leave you with just one thing, let it be this: ignore the naysayers and keep setting goals. Aspiring to be a better version of yourself or to help your pet be the best version of themselves is nothing to shrug at. Life is about evolving and making improvements.

What New Year's resolutions are you setting this year for you and your four-legged besties?

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