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Arizona Outdoor Adventures With Your Pup

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

There’s plenty to do in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and North Phoenix.

As we all know, Arizona weather makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors with your dog. Just a few months out of the year, we’re able to grab the leash and head on an outdoor adventure, pup in tow!

Although Arizona weather can be sporadic, the beginning of the year tends to offer the best weather for outdoor adventuring. We’ve put together a list of dog-friendly hikes and dog parks in Scottsdale, Paradise

Valley, and the North Phoenix area to get you and your dog moving and exploring.

Chaparral Dog Park

By far Scottsdale’s most popular dog park, Chaparral Dog Park offers 3 acres of grass – the perfect setting for a fun game of fetch! The park also offers different areas dependent on your dog’s demeanor. Does your dog prefer a less active group? Don’t worry, there is a ‘passive dog’ section perfect for those pups who just want to sniff and socialize.

While your pup explores, you can monitor them on a nearby bench or bring your own chairs. Don’t get too comfortable, though; it’s important to monitor your dog attentively to keep them safe and sound!

Vista del Camino Dog Park

Another favorite, Vista del Camino offers half an acre of grass for your dog to romp and roll.

Dog Parks in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix

George 'Doc' Cavalliere Park

A beautiful park set nestled in North Scottsdale, George ‘Doc’ Cavalliere Park is the perfect place to take your dog for an evening stroll.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

This 30-acre park is a sight to see! Enjoy a nice picnic in the park and admire the trains and railroad track on the property.

Horizon Dog Park

Though a small park, Horizon Dog Park offers a pleasantly large shade structure, the perfect feature for a warm day. The park does tend to get dusty, so if you are not ready to take home a dirty dog, we suggest visiting a grassy park instead.

Lost Dog Wash Trail

Lost Dog Wash Trail has something for everyone! Offering beginner and expert hikes, the Lost Dog Wash trails are clearly marked so that you know exactly what you are getting into. The longest trail is a 5 mile loop, and the highest elevation change is just 350 feet. As you are walking along, expect to see horses, bikers, and of course, other dogs and hikers.

As always, be sure to pack water. As there is no shade anywhere along the trails, it does tend to get very hot.

Dog Hikes and Trails in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix

Papago Park

Papago Park is home to the Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden, and a variety of hiking trails. While your dog is not allowed to enjoy the Phoenix Zoo or Botanical Garden, they are allowed to hike through the park’s plethora of hiking trails. While a majority of the trails are considered an easy hike, you have the opportunity to admire the sandstone buttes that make Papago Park a beautiful landmark of the Arizona desert!

To abide by park rules, be sure to keep your dog on a leash.

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area & Nature Trail

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area offers a beautiful view of the Arizona desert and skyline. Surrounded by local flora and fauna, take in the beautiful scenery with your pooch by your side.

Enjoy a moderate hike alone the Dreamy Draw Nature Trail, a 3.7 mile loop trail perfect for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

As always, keep your dog leashed – it’s the law!

Singh Farms

Although not an intense outdoor activity, dog-friendly Singh Farms offers your dog an opportunity to explore and meet new people. Offering fresh produce, seeds, compost, and all other farming necessities, Singh Farms allows you to take a beautiful walk around the gardens.

Rules apply – make sure Fido is leashed up so he doesn’t snag some delicious produce for himself!

Su Vino Winery

For a more relaxing bonding activity, grab a delicious glass of wine while hanging out with your pooch.

PetSmart Patio at Chase Field

You can even bring your pup to baseball game – who knew!? The PetSmart patio has all the dog and human amenities including dog treats.

Just make sure your dog doesn’t hop onto the field to snag the baseball!

Wherever you go, remember to tailor each adventure to your individual dog by keeping their age, health, and personality type in mind. It’s important to remember to bring some essentials along with you including water and a Pet First Aid Kit.

Most importantly, enjoy your special bonding time with your dog. There’s nothing like exploring the great outdoors with your favorite furry friend by your side!

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Mar 21, 2019

Super handy tips. ❤️ This article!!

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