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Dog Friendly Restaurants In Scottsdale

Enjoying a meal with Fido in tow is the way to go. And thankfully, dog friendly restaurants aren’t hard to come by in Scottsdale and surrounding neighborhoods. If you're headed to a dog friendly restaurant in Scottsdale, here are a few things you should remember. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to make the dining experience a pleasurable one for all. Plus, we’ve personally put together our favorite dog friendly restaurants in Scottsdale to make your dining experiences that much better!


If you are bringing your dog to a restaurant with you, remember that they will need to stay on leash for the duration of the meal. While your dog may be incredibly well-behaved, it is important to consider those around you. Other patrons of the restaurant or the restaurant staff may be uncomfortable with dogs. In order to make the experience an enjoyable and calm experience for all, make sure your dog is sequestered somewhere and not pacing or walking around.

dog-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale

The best way to do this is by tying your dog’s leash to the table itself. If, for some reason, the table you are dining at is incredibly lightweight, search for a heavier item nearby - a fence, a pole, etc. If something startles or excites your dog, and they try to go running, it’s vital that they don’t take the table with them.


Since your dog will be stuck in one location for the duration of your meal, make sure that they are comfortable and entertained. Bring along something for them to lay on, a water bowl (especially important in Arizona), and a treat or chew toy to keep them occupied.

Before sitting down, you need to make sure that you dog has relieved themselves. That way, they don’t urinate on the table leg… or worse!

Be Aware

Dog friendly restaurants often mean more dogs will be in attendance. Keep this in mind when planning your outing. How will your dog be with another dog around? With food added to the equation, does this affect your dog in any way?

Even if another patron has a dog with them and seems to love dogs, keep your dog away from their table. This limits any issues, gives them their space, and ensures they don’t get dog slobber on their hamburger.

dog friendly restaurants in Arizona

Our Favorite Dog Friendly Restaurants in Scottsdale

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite dog friendly restaurants here in Scottsdale. As always, it’s important to do your own research before heading to a restaurant. Sometimes, policies change, or perhaps there is an event scheduled on their dog friendly patio. Give the restaurant a call the day before or day of to make sure you are allowed to attend with your pup.

With delicious pizza, beer, and dogs allowed, what else can you ask for? CRAFT 64 is the perfect place to stop by for an Arizona beer and a wood-fired pizza. Their back patio is the perfect place to hang out on a cool afternoon (they offer happy hour every day from 3-6pm!) or into the early evening.

Injectable donut holes? Count us in! The Living Room is the perfect restaurant for brunch, lunch, or dinner. The outdoor patio has comfortable seating and shade for the warmer days. It’s the perfect, relaxing environment for your pup to join in on the fun! They even showcase live music periodically, so keep this in mind if planning to bring your dog.

If you’re looking to enjoy a glass of wine with your pup, Vines & Hops offers an adorable little patio to do so! Plus, they are known to give your dog a biscuit and a dog ‘beer’ (with your permission, of course). While this isn’t a meal destination, they offer a small food menu featuring a delicious assortment of appetizers and snacks.

A brunch destination! Soul offers a dog friendly patio and a dog menu! Will your pup have the scrambled eggs, grilled salmon, or a hamburger patty? If it were up to your dog, they’d choose them all!

During the weekends, enjoy brunch outdoors on their spacious patio. With picnic tables, water misters, and outdoor games, you and your dog are completely set!

Have you been to a dog friendly restaurant in Scottsdale? Let us know in the comments!

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