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How to Stuff Kong Dog Toys

If you have a dog, you know what a Kong is. It's a classic. The toy is simple but amazing. It provides the opportunity for fetching, chewing, and feeding - all while being virtually indestructible. But chewing or fetching a toy is a simple enough concept for a dog and their owner to grasp. Throw the Kong and your dog will fetch it. Leave the Kong on the floor and your dog will chew it.

How to stuff Kong dog toys

However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. The third use for a Kong is treating or feeding your dog from the hollow tunnel of the toy. Feeding your pup from a Kong is intimidating for some and perplexing to others. In this blog, we’re going to cover what you can stuff in your kong and why you may want to.

Why Stuff the Kong?

If you have never stuffed the Kong it may seem like a strange thing to do, but once you’ve tried it, there is no going back. There are a few good reasons to feed your pooch from the classic toy.

Firstly, feeding your dog from a Kong can allow you to control the pace at which your dog eats. Many owners struggle with dogs eating too fast. Dogs, like us humans, can get over-excited when sitting down to eat their favorite meal.

When dogs eat too fast, it can cause them to swallow too much air. This can lead to uncomfortable bloat and sometimes vomiting. Eating from a Kong can remedy this issue because the dog has to work a little harder to get to their food, causing them to slow down.

Another reason to feed a dog from a Kong is for a distraction. Dog owners of anxious or needy dogs adore the Kong’s ability to hold the attention of their pups long enough for them to leave the house or get a few things done while at home.

What Can you Stuff in a Kong?

Kong sells a variety of treats that can be sprayed, stuffed, or inserted in the Kong - all of which are great options for stuffing. But what if you are more interested in a DIY approach? Not to worry, there are seemingly endless options for stuffing to choose from.

  • Dog food. Dry or wet

  • Fruits like apples, berries, melons.

  • Vegetables like zucchini, Kale and Spinach

  • Cooked meats like chicken, steak or turkey

  • Fish

  • Yogurt and cheese

  • Peanut Butter

  • Oatmeal, rice or grains

You can get creative with the combinations of flavors and textures; just do your research. Always be sure anything you are feeding your pet is pet-safe.

How to stuff Kong dog toy

How do you Stuff a Kong?

Now that you know what you are stuffing into the Kong, how do you go about stuffing it? You can’t just put a bunch of kibble in the tunnel and call it a job well done, right? Well, no, because it would all fall out. Here are some helpful tips for a well-stuffed Kong.

Step #1: Choose your ingredients. This is simple enough. Plan what you want to stuff into the toy.

Step #2: Decide on your delivery. You have the option to either serve your dog their treat at room temperature, warm, or frozen.

If you are going to serve the treats at room temperature or warm, you will have to plan to plug the bottom hole. You can do this with a large piece of meat, vegetable, fruit, or even just a slab of peanut butter. If you are serving your Kong frozen, you have a little more wiggle room in plugging the bottom.

Step #3: Prepare your ingredients. Cook, prep, or puree whatever you need to stuff the toy with.

Step #4: Stuff it in there. If your dog is new to the experience, you may want to keep the stuffing a little on the looser side as to not discourage them. Pro-Kong eaters can handle it tightly packed. To seal the hole, pop in a large chunk of food, slather on some thick peanut butter, or spray on some of the flagship Kong treat from a can.

Step #5: Toss it to your pup and watch the fun!

How to Clean the Kong

As is the case anytime you are dealing with food, it is important to watch out for foodborne illnesses. This is for the safety of both your pet and yourself. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that you are cleaning the Kong thoroughly and frequently.

Never leave the food in the Kong for several days at a time. It is best to clean the Kong within a few hours; any longer than that and you are risking all kinds of nasty little creatures growing inside it.

To clean the Kong, simply soak it in a little warm water to loosen the stuck-on food and wash with warm soap and water. You can also pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher as they are all dishwasher-safe.

Is There an End to the Fun?

The short answer is no. The options are endless with the Kong. You can stuff it with the off-the-shelf treats designed specifically for the toy, you can stuff it with leftovers you need eaten in your fridge, you can stuff it with one ingredient or you can stuff it with twenty.

Just be sure you are only serving your pup pet-safe ingredients, and be sure to clean it after every use. Then you'll be good to go!

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