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Indoor Activities For Dogs

Just like kids, dogs need some form of entertainment. Often times, that comes in the form of a walk, a visit to the dog park, or a hike outdoors. But with temperatures in the triple digits, it may be time to get a little creative with how you exercise and entertain your dog. These indoor activities for dogs are sure to tire your pup out - whether physically or mentally!

Trick Time

Chances are, your dog knows some tricks. Even if that is just “Stay” or “Come”, it’s a good time to practice those old tricks. Better yet, now is a good time to introduce your dog to new tricks. Grab a bag of treats and some patience, and get to teaching. Who says “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”?

Hide and Seek

This is a wonderful game to get your dog’s mind and nose working. Have your dog wait while you place treats around the house. Once the treats are all set, let them loose, and see how quickly they can find the yummy morsels using their sniffer!

If this is your dog’s first time playing hide and seek, make sure you use easy hiding spots. As your dog understands the game, you can increase the difficulty level. This is a wonderful indoor activity for dogs, but it can, of course, be played outside under good weather conditions.

New Toys

Dogs truly are a lot like children. Sometimes, all it takes is a new, shiny toy to entertain them for hours! Select a toy that you think your dog will like. You can choose an independent toy (like a plush squeaker), an interactive toy (like a puzzle), or a toy for the two of you (like a soft ball for fetch or a rope for tug-of-war).

Indoor Activities for Dogs


You may be thinking, “A treadmill? For dogs?” Yes, it’s true, Fido can now join you during your workout. In fact, there are even dog-specific treadmills on the market. But you don’t have to get fancy and purchase a doggy treadmill just yet, simply repurpose your human treadmill.

There are a plethora of resources online to help you learn how to acclimate your dog to this monstrous piece of workout equipment. But, keep it simple. First and foremost, make sure that you are ALWAYS supervising your dog when the treadmill is on. It’s important to start slow and to let your dog willingly participate in this activity. You should never force your dog onto the treadmill. Remember, when your dog does something you like (getting onto the treadmill themselves, for example), reward them with a click (clicker training), a treat, or both!

In no time, your dog will be your best workout buddy. But, hopefully, they don’t hog the treadmill!

Agility/Obstacle Course

Indoor activities for dogs don’t have to be boring. You can get your dog moving and grooving while indoors, no problem. Using the same setup as an outdoor agility course, set up a smaller, more house-friendly indoor version. Make sure that you have tons of space, so that your dog can run and enjoy themselves during their agility session.

Use What’s At Your Disposal

Kids often play a game where the floor is imaginary hot lava, and they have to bounce around the house on pillows, tables, etc. to avoid being burned by the fiery magma below. While we don’t suggest letting your dog hop for table to table, we think that there’s something to be said for this imaginativeness. When it comes to indoor activities for dogs, use what’s at your disposal.

If you have stairs in your home, run your dog up and down the stairs multiple times. If you can run from room to room, play a game of chase for half an hour. There is surely something you can do that will tire your pup out (and probably you) during the hot summer months.

Doggy Playdate

If your dog has a dog friend, set up a playdate. While they won’t have tons of room to run and romp, chances are, they will get some energy out just having one another around. They may wrestle, play bow, and roll around the floor. This playdate gets even better if you like your dog’s friend’s owner. Crank up the A/C, enjoy a nice chat over coffee or a glass of wine, and tire those dogs out!

Indoor Activities for Dogs

You can’t go wrong with indoor activities for dogs. There are plenty of options, so you are bound to find something that works for you and your dog. As always, remember that safety comes first. You may need to consider your dog’s excitability level and clumsiness when taking any of this into account. After all, no one wants to spend the summer at the emergency vet.

For all your outdoor potty needs, feel free to give us a call. Our professional team makes knowledgeable accommodations during the hot summer months.

And be sure to share your indoor activities with us. We love to see your pets living their best life!

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