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Why You Need A Professional Pet Sitter In Phoenix, AZ

Are you ready to get a break from the 9-5 grind, but you don’t know what to do with your cat while you’re gone? Has your dog been tearing into the couch cushions while you’re at work, and you know he could definitely use more exercise? Maybe you have a new puppy and you want potty training to go smoothly.

All of these are reasons why you need a professional pet sitter! Maybe you’re thinking you could just get help from a friend or a neighbor. While they might have the best intentions, this isn’t always the best idea. Because this isn’t their actual job, there’s a lot of risk on the table. A friend might have something come up at work and be unable to care for your pet. A neighbor may prove to be unreliable.

Don’t ruin friendships and neighborhood relations over pet care. Trust the professionals. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out the reasons you need a professional pet sitter in Phoenix, AZ.

Professional Pet Sitters are All About Safety

In the summers when temperatures soar in Phoenix, it can be dangerous, especially for certain breeds of dogs, to be outside for too long. If your pet is under the care of a professional, you can rest easy knowing that your pet’s caretaker is aware of the dangers of heatstroke for your dog and will act accordingly.

A professional pet sitter will make sure your pets are drinking adequate water, and they’ll keep an eye on input versus output. It’s very easy to dehydrate in this climate, so your pet sitter will make sure that doesn't happen to your pet.

If your A/C goes out while you’re at work or on vacation, this could be extremely dangerous for your pet. A pet sitter stopping in for walks or cuddle time will be able to alert you, so you can make arrangements immediately.

A professional pet sitter will be able to recognize when veterinary attention is required. Whether you have an older dog with health problems or a young cat that likes to get into things, a professional sitter will recognize the signs that something is wrong and get your pet the help they need.

Professional Pet Sitters Help With Separation Anxiety

If you have a pet that is attached to you at the hip, they may have a problem with you even just leaving for the store. Booking a Dog Walk or a Companionship Visit can help your dog feel more secure and curb those destructive behaviors.

A walk during the day will get your pup some exercise. If you’ve had to shorten walks because of long hours or late nights, this may be the solution you need. Many dogs are anxious and destructive out of boredom, and some activity in the middle of the day can help prevent this.

cat rub pet sitter taking care of cat professional pet sitter Phoenix, AZ

If your pet is used to having people around the house, the sudden change could be causing stress and anxiety. A professional pet sitter can come in for a play session with your cats or dogs. Having someone come in during the day will give your pet the socialization they need and help ease separation anxiety.

Professional Pet Sitters and Puppy Training

If you have a new puppy in the family, then you’re probably working on potty training. As with any training, consistency is the most important element. But how can you train consistently if you aren’t home to let your puppy out? Puppy pads might seem like a solution, but they teach your puppy that going inside is okay. And expecting a puppy to hold their bladder is impossible since their bladder isn’t actually fully developed.

That’s where a pet sitter comes in! A sitter can come in and let your puppy out so they aren’t trying to hold their tiny bladder. If you have a certain method, like offering a treat before or after, or having your puppy use a certain place in the yard, you just need to let your pet sitter know. They will happily use your method to help you keep your puppy’s training totally consistent.

Why You Want a Professional Pet Sitter With Insurance

Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. No one wants to think about the problems that could happen while you’re gone, like your dog getting too excited and pulling the sitter down the stairs, or your cat getting out and causing a bicycle accident. Unfortunately, these things can and do happen. A professional pet sitter is insured for exactly these reasons. If anything happens on their watch, you know it will be taken care of.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind With a Professional Pet Sitter

Whether you're going out of town or you just have to put in overtime, knowing your pet is safe is one less stressor. A professional pet sitter is on a schedule, so you know when they’ll be there looking after your pet. They’ll send you updates and pictures and make sure you stay informed.

dog on walk professional pet sitter in Phoenix, Arizona

Pet sitting is about more than letting the dog out to use the bathroom and sticking your head in for a minute. A professional pet sitter’s first priority is the health and comfort of your pet. If your pet is under the care of a professional, then you know if any problems should arise, they’ll be on it immediately.

They’ll Get to Know Your Pet Beforehand

Before a professional pet sitter starts daily visits with your pet, they’ll want to schedule a meet and greet. This will help your pet get used to them before they start seeing them every day. The meet and greet is an important step because it establishes a connection.

There can never be too many people who care about your pet, so why not make sure one of them is a professional who can look after your pet when you can’t? Karen’s Pawsome Pet Care is a professional pet sitting company in Phoenix, Arizona! We proudly serve the North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale areas.

Want to know more about the services we offer? Hop over to our services page! While you’re at it, check out the about section to learn more about how we got started and our commitment to your pet!

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